Advanced Bio-structural Correction (ABC™)

After suffering a mechanical injury, where a bone misaligns in a way the body can not self-correct or feeling bodily restrictions such as stiffness and pain from bad posture, ABC™ can help the body to correct these misalignments. The process in which it does that, is called Unwinding, where the body is guided to heal by untwisting away from the mechanical stress problems. Through the unwinding treatment process, your body will start to be able to self-correct the problems it could not before and occasionally make you feel worse but will gradually get better and better as your care continues.


How do we injure ourselves?

Often, our bodies get over injuries by compensating without any signs or symptoms. However, there is an extent to which the body is able to withstand and compensate before the Pain Threshold is passed, this will result in pain and discomfort.

There are two categories of induced pain and how we injure ourselves, Major Trauma and Minor Trauma.

 Major Trauma
which includes situations such as motor vehicle accidents or falling off a high level.

Micro Trauma
which includes prolong lifting of heavy items, bad sitting and sleeping posture, etc.



The Recovery of Good Posture & Relief of Pain 

The road to recovery may be long but ABC™ has proven that reverting back to how you were before is possible. At The Kairo Practice, we believe in a progressive treatment process while providing a comfortable and informative journey for our patients.


1. It all starts with an initial consult.

Your first visit with us is your most important. After filling out an initial form, a full assessment will be done as our doctor examines your physical health allowing the doctor to provide a treatment process specific to your body conditions.


The first session will consist of these steps which will take 45-60 minutes:

- Consultation with doctor
- Physical and Posture Examination
- Posture photo taken before treatment
- Report of findings and explanation
-Treatment Session
- Posture photo taken after treatment for comparison


2. The road to recovery.

It is common to be nervous about the complexities of treatment processes, let us worry about the technical aspects.
We keep it relaxed and casual and your doctor will guide you through the entire journey, our job is to see to all  your questions so you understand how your body's functions begin to move in a progressive manner. You will never be at a lost of how you are doing.


Subsequent visits will consist of treatment sessions which are highly tailored to your specific health conditions. Sessions should take no more than 10-20 minutes and a posture photo will be taken every few sessions to track your progress.


3. Making good posture a habit.

Once you have reached your recovery goals, there is not a better feeling but you would also have learnt the importance of having good postures and making them a strict habit so as to not injure your body again.

The Kairo Practice Chiropractic Clinic

Congratulations on a successful recovery! Stay safe and healthy, do not hesitate to consult your Chiropractor if your daily activities seem to be causing discomfort or your body suffers a micro/major trauma.

The Kairo Practice (Singapore Chiropractic Clinic)

Should I seek Chiropractic help?

Anybody can seek chiropractic care not just for relief but as well as prevention of injuries and pains.
Besides cases in physical conditions, even pregnant women and children can benefit from chiropractic care.

Is it safe? What is the treatment like? 

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